Frequently Asked Questions

What is Own Touch? 
Own Touch Charlotte is the premier indoor/outdoor training facility in the Charlotte area specifically designed to train, mentor and develop the individual performance of youth soccer players. Own Touch is a climate-controlled, state-of-the-art facility, offering year-round training.  Licensed and experienced coaches/mentors provide an environment where soccer players of all ages, club affiliations and skill levels come together to develop their “Own Touch.”

Why Train at Own Touch?
Soccer players throughout most of world, grew up playing soccer in the streets – learning finesse, control and TOUCH – all skills that improve confidence and performance. Here in America, we grow up playing on teams. Teams must focus on team tactics to win the next game. Own Touch turns that philosophy inside out and focuses on individual development. When players learn to develop their touch, they learn precision, which leads to keeping possession of the ball, which leads to opportunities to score, and win. Here at Own Touch, we are dedicated to helping our trainees master individual technical skills that will become ingrained in their athletic memory.

Will Own Touch conflict with my Club team?
Own Touch is proudly club neutral!  Our sole priority is the growth and development of the individual soccer player, so they can achieve their club, team, collegiate and professional goals!  All of our training packages provide flexible scheduling so sessions work with your club schedule, not against it.

Why do most of the training packages require a 6-12 month commitment?
Soccer is a sport that requires constant repetition and we believe this is best achieved by training year round.  We want our players and mentees to become the best players they can be and have a blast playing their favorite sport.

What types of improvements can I expect to see?
You will see improvement in the first and last touch, foot work, juggling, confidence on and off the pitch, work ethic, overcoming challenges, listening skills, self-motivation, and PASSION for the game.

Why is juggling and repetition so important? 
Juggling is important for three reasons: balance, concentration and footwork. By spending 30 minutes a day on specific juggling exercises, players build incredible confidence as their skills improve.

How is the Mentee Program different from the other training programs? 
The Mentee Program is Own Touch’s flagship, year-round program requiring the highest level of commitment and passion for the game. The Mentee Program is designed for self-motivated players aspiring to compete at the highest level possible (i.e. travel, academy, collegiate, professional). Mentees get to train 5-6 days per week year round.

Does Own Touch accept beginners?
Yes we do.

Do you offer camps and clinics?
We offer camps and clinic in the summer, spring and winter.

Is there a sibling discount for families?
Yes, there is a 20% discount for each sibling for all programs.

Do you offer privates, semi privates, and team training? 
Yes, we offer privates, semi-privates, and both in and out- of -season team training. -privates are 1 -on -1 - semi-privates are 2 to 4 players - teams are 8-16 players

What is your player to coach ratio?
We have a 1:10 coach to player ratio or less depending on the training session you sign up for.