Everything is practice.
— Pele

Welcome to Own Touch Charlotte.

We train and mentor youth players, concentrating on knowledge, skills and competencies to optimize INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE.

We are Charlotte's only membership-based facility designed specifically to train, mentor and develop the individual performance of youth soccer players.

As we all know, participation in youth soccer is growing dramatically.  To keep up with the evolution of the sport, governing bodies are implementing changes in how youth soccer is taught, organized and run nationally.  Although soccer professionals, parents and players alike could argue for or against many of these changes, one thing will always remain constant – the need for individual development.

Club/team soccer is obviously a very critical component of youth development in the sport, but there is no substitute for individualized technical training.  The development of a well-rounded soccer player hinges upon the player’s ability to perform one-on-one with the ball. This principle is reflected in Own Touch’s dedication to helping our trainees master individual technical skills that will become engrained in their athletic memory, and become second-nature in their performance over time.

Own Touch began in Central Virginia and has provided development and training to hundreds of young players, and have helped many reach regional and even national success with their clubs and even with the U.S. National Mens and Women's youth teams.

We look forward to expanding our educational and developmental opportunities into the Southeast and to help every player reach their potential.



Unlimited Technical and Athletic Physical Training to take your soccer performance to the next level. Seasonal packages also available!